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Suicide: Despair vs. Hope

Death in this earthly life is inevitable. To take the life of somebody else or oneself, ideally can be avoided.

Severe episodes of depression can lead to hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness, and thoughts of suicide. Thoughts come and go, and gestures may be done in order to get a reaction out of others. But to have a plan or intent to die, is another level and worrisome. If you or anyone you know is struggling through this, help is available 24/7:

There's also calling 911 (or in Placer County you may be able to text 911 these days), or going to the nearest hospital, urgent care or emergency room.

Life can be challenging at times, and it's often in the most challenging times where one is tested. These challenging times help our characters and personalities to be shaped. During these difficult times, our ability to cope with life really comes to the surface. Healthy or unhealthy ways may come up here.

Medications can help ease the suffering and treat any underlying illness. Psychotherapy can help. Staying away from illicit drugs and alcohol is important, too. Also having a good support network of family or friends.

Nobody in this life is perfect. People are human and make mistakes. Many people struggle. You of course do not want to be the person who projects their negative patterns onto others and make their lives a living struggle, but if it has happened it's okay. It's trying to change one's negative patterns (of thinking, feeling or behaving) and seeking the right help and guidance to improve which can transform one from having despair to living a life of hope. A hope that circumstances will get better.

In this aspect, challenging circumstances and moments of despair (where one still has a glimmer of hope) can be a good thing. It can be a useful tool to help one become stronger. Almost like lifting weights. You have to get the muscles fatigued and tired in order to get them bigger, better and stronger later on.

It's clear to me that a way to succeed through these challenging times is through the power of Jesus Christ. The Bible provides great examples of people who have been in despondent states and ended their life, and those who have changed their ways. Saul in the Old Testament was troubled by his ego and thinking he was a great king. He chose to end his life on his own, rather than having other people he was at war with end his life. Judas, one of Jesus' disciples, betrayed Christ by letting the Sanhedrin (Jewish priests) know where to find Him for money. This betrayal Judas never got over, and he fell into despair and hung himself. St. Peter denies Jesus multiple times, but he did not kill himself. Why? He owned up to his mistakes, was sorry for it (even cried over them), and moved on and made a promise to himself he would not deny Christ again. He ended up doing miracles later on in his life and has books in the Bible that continue to be read daily.

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