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Medications combined with psychotherapy

Medications can be used to help keep one's body and mind in a state of balance, and are often first-line treatment for many mental health illnesses. There are benefits and risks to taking medications, so it is important to have a good understanding of what options are available and the side effects to taking certain medications.  

Taking a medication prescribed by a doctor is much more than just a pill. It involves a sense of trust that the treatment suggested will work. It also shows that one wants to get better. It may be important to talk about the meaning of taking the medication with who is prescribing it. Psychotherapy is often used in conjunction with medication management to help with the illness and doctor-patient relations

It may be important to do so in conjunction with psychotherapy if much of these problems are associated with psychological or social problems.


There are many different types of psychotherapies available. Most importantly, in order to benefit from psychotherapy there should be a good sense of trust and comfort with the clinician providing it. 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy can be helpful for those who have a history of forming good relationships in their lives. It involves being willing to talk about one's thoughts and feelings towards the clinician, as this may give understanding to the thoughts and feelings that bud with other people in one's life. 

Cognitive Behavioral therapy involves changing any distortions in one's thoughts or behaviors that may be negatively impacting their life, and transforming it into a more positive way of thinking and acting.

Emotional therapy involves careful examination of the emotions one experiences at any given moment. It may involve challenging these emotions, evaluating what they mean, and replacing them with new more constructive ones. 

Some people may respond to one form of psychotherapy more than the others. For the most part, a combination of styles will be used in treatment. 

Visits can range from 20minutes to 40minutes based on plan with provider

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